About Turnkey


Vision: Becoming Turkey’s most effective B2B Network & Platform in 3 years. To be a Regional/Multinational B2B Platform in 6 years. 2030 vision is to be a global B2B Platform.

Mission: Increasing knowledge & awareness about international business networking, professional project management, digital transformation of trade. Solving various complex projects in turn-key manner within the group. Contributing increase of bilateral trade & tourism for developing countries.

Core Values: Collaboration, solidarity, team working, continuous development, sharing, sustainability, proactivity, positive attitude, discipline, professionalism, always thinking win/win solutions, growing together, being result oriented, creating value



Advisory Board:

Coordinators, Advisors, Ambassadors, Head of Committees, Future Shareholders, Software Developer are natural members of the board. Best performing (green) members can be invited to the board meetings by the Chairman. Board Members share opinion and cast votes for decisions and actions such as yearly business plan, budget, strategy development, approving & terminating membership, forming committees, dealing with other necessary matters.

General Coordinator
Mr.Nezih Yaman


Executive Board: Coordinators, Advisors, Ambassadors, Head of Committees, System Admin are natural members of the board. Best performing (green) members can be invited to the board meetings by the President.

Membership Coordinator
:Mr.Fevzi Bulut

System Admin                      :Mr.Serdar Kuzyaka


Member Profile: Large Corps. willing to expand their export markets and SME’s eager to export their products or services. Construction, Technical Consultancy, Engineering, Architecture/Interior Design companies from various industries. Turn-key Contractors. Local Business Developers, Comission Agents and Consultants.

Number of Members: 100+ from 39 Product & Service Supplier and Contractor. Active Exclusive Members:47
Coverage Area: Where we have local office & business developers in 35 countries:

EuropeMiddle EastAfrica 1Africa 2AsiaAmericas
TurkeySaudi ArabiaSudan (2)Ghana (3)RussiaUSA
GreeceUAEMoroccoNigeria (2)MalaysiaCanada
BelarusPalestine & IsraelEthiopiaIvory Coast  
  UgandaSouth Africa  

 Business Development Tools:

Using both Contemporary & Conventional Methods which do not work during Pandemic.
1) Growing your business in a safe, secure multinational network
2) Working with carefully selected, previously checked and approved business partners
3) Collaborating with most professionals in their field
4) Competition free network with sector/industry; territorial exclusivity
5) Strong Interaction, Project, Data, Contact, Lead, Demand, Tender Sharing between Members
6) Continuous Referral Marketing between the members
7) Having business lead, marketing support of the Board and all Members
8) Ongoing Coaching & Consultancy of the board to become international player
9) Frequent Business Networking Events. Face to Face & Zoom/Online
10) Using most effective international marketing tools with the lowest cost
11) Using Digital Marketing Instruments efficiently. Adwords, SEO, Social Media especially Linkedin
12) Analysis of big data and use of Artificial Intelligence to create Business Intelligence
13) Organizing Market Research trips abroad focused in B2B meetings (pre-matched exporter&importer)
14) Solving complex projects in turn-key manner within the group under Project Coordinators
15) Organizing face to face Trainings or online Webinars from time to time to increase awareness & knowledge
16) Using advantages of group procurement. Such as accommodation, customs brokerage, logistics
17) Operational support to become an exporter if necessary. Such as customs brokerage, logistics

Social Responsibility: Min %3 of Profit will be donated to charities which are approved by the Board & reported to Members after the obligatory conditions are met.

For membership & subscription, contact with admin

Hi there! Join us and surf in the global network of Turnkey Business Club.

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Turnkey already made
more than 160+ Zoom meeting
more than 10+ phiscal event
more than 3m+ Usd turnover
by Group members.

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